A new framework for finding your own way to optimal health. Your lifelong journey to be amazing begins right now.

It’s time to become Unstoppable.
Publishing Early 2019.


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Why I Wrote This Book


“After years of working 100+ hour weeks, unhealthy eating, and very little movement, this book is the result of a 10 year journey to improve my health and find optimal performance. My core purpose is empowering others to succeed which continues with this book. Hopefully, you can advance your personal journey faster and better because of the crazy amount of time and money spent, and the extremes I went to.”


In This Book, You Will Be Able To:

Evolve is a result of more than 10 years, $250,000+, and 5000+ hours of obsession, applying proven business tactics and methods to health and wellness to create a framework for you.


  • Learn the 7 principles for living the ‘Evolve’ lifestyle

  • Develop an experimentation and optimization mindset

  • Question conventional wisdom and discover your truth

  • Master the 5 guidelines for an optimal diet; improving focus, productivity and health

  • Discover the secret to getting the best sleep you’ve ever had

  • Understand what 5 blood tests you should be doing, every year.

Fast-Forward your Evolution!

A thorough yet simple framework in EVOLVE empowers you to take charge of your life and be amazing. Be healthy, sleep better, fuel with what your body needs, and find the optimal intersection of performance and joy in life.

Along the journey, you'll discover and implement skills to fast-track your personal growth.


About The Author

David Hauser is an American entrepreneur, speaker and angel investor. He is best known for co-founding the Grasshopper, a virtual telephone service acquired by the Citrix Systems in 2015.

He also founded Chargify which was acquired by Scaleworks in 2016. He is quite active on Quora with 1.6 million answer views and is a founding member of the National Entrepreneurs Day.