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  • Guidelines for your Body Fuel

    • Remove all sugar and refined carbohydrates

    • Quality, you are ‘what you eat’ - has eaten

    • Find a fuel plan that works for you and makes you feel the best

    • Eat lots of greens and veggies

  • Fast 16-18 hours a day by skipping breakfast. Do a few 24 hour fasts a month.

  • Sleep 8-9 hours, go to sleep between 9-10pm and stop eating 3 hours prior. Waking at 1-3am is normal and fine.

  • Poop once a day, solid but not hard. A lot of gas indicates a problem. 

  • Breath/Sit/Meditate

  • Mindful/Present/Moment

  • Move or Be Outside

  • Yearly blood test after baseline

  • Functional Doctor

  • Measure - Sleep, Mood and Diet. Simple 3 point scale for each.

  • Delete social media from phone

  • Stop watching the news

  • Remove negative and people that suck energy and your time. 

  • Tools to live with

    • Squatty Potty

    • Baby Wipes

    • Quip

    • Thai Crystal Deodorant 


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